11-15-99 Added the caps for the 11-04-99 episode.  That is all of the captures available from Popular since this site was up.  I will work next on the Multimedia Page and finally the Sam page to complete this site.  This batch of pic is not that good since I didn't have alot of time to pick out the best caps.
11-12-99 Well, today is a big update day with 15 new screen caps and some pic donated by fans from the net.  I know I promised 30 but this is all I can handle for today.  The caps are from last Thursday 11-11-99 episode.  I will properly have the 11-04-99 Caps up real soon, so gallery 3 have nothing in it.  Also, update ratings in the news section. 
11-11-99 I promised that I'm going to have last week's scans as well as this week and some pic that someone graciously donated.  JCORVO01@snet.net thank you.  I will definitely have Link to your page.  Tomorrow people, I'll have them up tomorrow.  I won't be able to attend the chat tonight but please attend it at Jim's site.
11-7-99 I added the ratings of last week's esp to the News section.  Coming soon within the next week, or should I said  this week now, 15 screen caps of last Thursday's esp. 
11-4-99 Be sure to catch Popular tonight and meet in Jim's Chat room.  Catch a glimpse of the preview in the News section.  I desperately needs ideas for the two remaining pages.  Info about Sam Mc Phearson and suggestions for contents of the Multimedia Page, please E Mail me some one..


        Welcome to the now third ( I just found out there's two other pages for Carly before mine, DAMN!! Check the Link for the URL ) and hopefully not the last Web Page dedicated to Carly Pope, the star of the new WB TV show POPULAR. After spending tremendous amounts of times searching the net for info on this beautiful actress. I finally gave up and decided to make one my self. If you are a Popular Fan, please visits the others Popular pages on the net, and be sure to watch it every Thursday to help support the show, be sure to sign the Guest Book if you have time. 
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